Summer Camps

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  • Presenting iRobokid, voted as India’s Best Vocational S.T.E. M Education Company for 2018 by All India Council for Robotics and Automation and Top 10 Promising Robotics Training Institutes in India by Higher Education Review.

    Every summer, it is our endeavor to promote practical learning of S.T.E.M through multi-faceted camps. They give the children a sneak peek into future day technologies like Robotics, Computer Programming, and animation etc.

    This year our theme is “Young Engineer – Coding/Automation/Robotics/STEM” with a common thread of CARS / Automobiles and Motion

  • Young Engineer –JR (Grade 2, 3, 4)
    Evolution of Automation –

    Models – Manual Arm to Robotic Arm, Automated Car Lift, and Designing and Racing their own Drag Racer Car
    Learning Targets – Giving them a glimpse into the world of Simple Machines and Mechanisms and how things work in real life.

  • Young Engineer –SR (Grade 5, 6)
    Robotics & Coding

    Models – Build, Program and test a Robotic car with Auto ParkingFeature and design and program a car racing game.
    Learning Targets – The kids will get an introduction to Robotics, Sensors and motors and also to coding and game designing.

  • Young Engineer –PRO (Grade 7, 8)
    Robotic Engineering

    Project – Build an Arduino robotic car using the motherboard, sensors, motors and cables provided and program obstacle detection and line tracking features and test it.
    Learning Targets – Introduction to Arduino, its components and programming language C++.

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