Birthday Parties

  • iRobokid-STEM-Training_School_Lab


    A 1.5 hour activity where kids will work in teams of 2 and make a drag racer car with the resources provided.

    They will then race the cars with the other cars made by the other groups. The will learn the importance and applications of simple machines in general and specially the functioning of Gears along with the importance of building a stable model design. 


    • We will conduct a Robotics workshop for approximately 25 children of the age group 7 years. The cost of the workshop shall be Rs 25000 (plus 18% GST) for up to 25 children, additional kids shall be charged at Rs 1000 (plus 18% GST) per child. The children will be building a Drag racer car.
    • We will be provided with the necessary infrastructure to conduct they workshop, Desks, Stools or Chairs for kids at no cost to us.
    • We plan to run an audio visual presentation for the activity t if a wall /screen is provided to us. This is required as we will be using a projector.
    • The number of kits required shall be informed 7 days prior to the event and the payment for the same shall be made in advance.
  • Association with school for academic year 2018-2019