An Introduction to Simple & Powered Machines
  • Program Highlights

    • Introduces students to simple machine concepts that help them understand the mechanical aspects of building robots.

    • The program involved building and learning Principle Models like gears, levers, pulleys etc and moving on to activities that involve building and testing working models like Stop watch, Windmill, Walker etc.

    • Grade:
      2 and 3
    • Class Size:
      15-20 Children
    • Sessions:
      1 Semester - 13 Sessions
      2 Semester - 13 Sessions
  • Activity and Benefits

    • By progressing sequentially through the activities, using the Student Worksheets and Building Instructions, children will experience and discover the principles at work and be challenged to apply their knowledge when recording their results.

    • Towards the end of the course we shall introduce Problem-solving Challenges featuring real-life settings with needs that cannot be solved in just one way. The Problem-solving Challenges are realistic and children will be able to test and integrate more than just one principle at a time.

    • The Principle Models let children experience the mechanical and structural principles normally hidden away inside everyday machines and structures.

    • The easy-to-build models each present a hands-on demonstration of one of the concepts of simple machines, mechanisms and structures in a clear, straight-forward manner.

    • The Principle Models are a pathway for children to understand and integrate mechanical and structural principles applied in their own models.

  • Learning Targets

  • The program covers the following overall curriculum skills:

    • Learn how to observe predict and record
    • Gravity and friction
    • Measure forces and movement
    • Understand causes, effect & different result of their action

    • Find out how mechanisms can be used to move things
    • Recognize characteristics of familiar things

    • Design and make things for different purposes
    • Explore and execute ideas
    • Brainstorm with team mates to find solutions and generate ideas

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