An Introduction to Electrics & Electronics
  • Program Highlights

    • An innovative and education based program designed to teach children the basic principles of electrics and electronics in a fun way.

    • Children can explore electronics and electricity by carrying out simple interesting projects, in a hands-on and exploratory manner.

    • Grade:
    • Class Size:
      15-20 Children
    • Sessions:
      1 Semester - 13 Sessions
      2 Semester - 13 Sessions
  • Activity and Benefits

    • Promote student’s appreciation of the use of electronic and electrical devices in daily life.

    • Increase student’s awareness in safe use of electricity and its influence to the environment.

    • Learn the theoretical and practical skills required to design and build electronic circuits.

    • Build electronic projects at component and system level using appropriate devices.

  • Learning Targets

    • Learn about electric circuit

    • Learn about series and parallel circuits

    • Find out about AND and OR gates

    • Learn about and use different types of switche

    • Learn basics of Resistors, LED, Capacitor & Photoresistor

    • Create Electronic Games and Alarms

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