Terms of Use

  • By downloading and installing the iRoboKid mobile application on your device, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of using the app. If you don’t agree to any of the clause mentioned here, you should immediately uninstall iRoboKid app from your mobile device.

    License and Distribution

    iRoboKid provides you a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the iRoboKid mobile application. Under no circumstances should you rent, lease or resell the iRoboKid app to any third party. Neither should you sublicense the iRoboKid app to anyone. You shouldn’t copy, modify, dissemble, decompile or reverse engineer the iRoboKid app, or make derivations of the iRoboKid app, which hurts our business interests.

    All content of iRoboKid app including the logo and images are intellectual property of iRoboKid, and are protected by copyright laws.

    Registration and Consent of Data Usage

    To use the services of the iRoboKid mobile app, you must register with your valid credentials. You shouldn’t share your user credentials with anyone to access the iRoboKid mobile app on your behalf. We reserve the rights to use and share your personal information with third parties and legal entities to serve you better. Please refer to the Privacy Policy to know more.

    Suspension and Termination

    Any violation of the terms and conditions will result in suspension or termination of your account, as well as the license to use the iRoboKid application. iRoboKid will have the sole discretion to revoke suspension based on satisfactory actions from your end.


    The iRoboKid mobile app is available without any warranty on the application and the content available therein. iRoboKid is not responsible for delay or non-availability of service due to network congestions, hardware failures, power outages, virus attack or force majeure. Furthermore, iRoboKid is also not liable for any consequential or incidental damages arising due to actions or negligence of third parties.

    Although we undertake all feasible measures to secure your data, anything over a network is vulnerable for theft. Hence, we can’t warranty foolproof protection of your data, and iRoboKid will not be held accountable for any such circumstances.


    You agree to indemnify iRoboKid and its partners from any claims, actions, suits and proceedings arising due to your use of the iRoboKid mobile app, or any third party accessing the application using your credentials. 


    The iRoboKid mobile app can be accessed from all locations worldwide where local laws and technology permits. This agreement will be governed by laws of the Indian constitution. All disputes will be settled in courts of India.


    iRoboKid reserve the rights to modify the application and its content periodically. The terms and   conditions for using the app may also undergo regular updates as and when required. We request you to visit this page for latest updates. 


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