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    An educational organisation specialising in STEM Education through Robotics, Coding, 3D printing, Electrics and Electronics.
    • Hands-on Project Based Learning
    • Focused on Standards
  • Online Course

  • Coding and Game Designing

    An early exposure to designing their own animation and writing code using software tools and their own logic and understanding.
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    3D Modeling and Printing

    Offers a rich way to enhance design skills, ignites the imagination os students and aids in the development of spatial intelligence
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    App Magic – Advance

    Learn the basics of coding in the most comprehensive, yet fun-learning way.
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    In Java-Beginner child will learn basic concepts of Java, Variables, Datatypes, Conditional statements, Loop Statements, Escape Statements etc.
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    Secondary School Starter Kit

    3D Modeling is a revolutionary educational tool in rapid prototyping technology to manufacture 3D printed models
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  • Python Programming

    The most popular and trending language with applications in Data Science and Analytics, Machine Learning, Automation and Computing etc.
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    App Magic

    Express your creativity and imagination with our exciting app building course online.
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    This course does not assume any prior knowledge/experience, all you need is a computer, a bit of time and a lot of determination.
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    Skill Builders

    This educational tool provides students with an introduction to code level programming, I/O, and visualization using the Python programming language.
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    STEM Educator – Coding

    Technology will constantly evolve & there will be paradigm shift in the world of Education
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  • Designed for children of all academic backgrounds

    • iBuilder – Theme based building and Construction – Grade 1
    • iEngineer – Simple Machines and Mechanisms – Grade 2 & 3
    • iSpark – Electrics and Electronics – Grade 4
    • iProto – Robotics – Grade 5 & Above
    • iCode – Coding, Programming and Game designing – Grade 6 & Above
    • iDesign – 3 D Modeling and Printing – Grade 6 & Above
    • iArdubotics – Electricity and Electronics, Coding and Robotics. – Grade 7+
    • Enables children to work as young scientists, engineers, and designers.
    • Students get exposed to hands-on applications of science, technology, engineering and math concepts.
  • Teaching Methodolgy

    4C Method

    • Connect

      Using animations & videos children Connect to the problem.

    • Construct

      Work and Collaborate in teams to Construct models.

    • Contemplate

      Deepen your understanding by testing your model reflecting on the results and your overall experience.

    • Continue

      Enhance learning process by changing and adding features to the models.

  • We Encourage students to:
    • Think creatively to try to explain how things work.
    • Try Ideas using results from observations and measurements.
    • Ask Questions & increase curiosity.
    • Reflect on how to find Answers and Imagine new possibilities.
    • Use diagrams, drawings, tables and line graphs for communication
  • Programs We Offer

    We offer following STEM programs
    • iBuilder
      • Grade 1
      • Building & Construction
    • iEngineer
      • Grade 2&3
      • Simple & Powered Machines
    • iSpark
      • Grade 4
      • Electrics & Electronics
    • iProto
      • Grade 5 & Above
      • Robotics
    • iCode
      • Grade 6 & Above
      • Computer Programming
    • iDesign
      • Grade 6 & Above
      • 3D Modeling & Printing
    • iArdubotics
      • Grade 7+
      • Electricity and Electronics, Coding and Robotics
    • iPython
      • Grade 7+
      • Software Development, Mathematics, System Scripting
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    • This course is very inspiring and has caught the interest of students. Thank you

      Dr. Shilpa Bharambe
      Mother of Vijeet(Age 7)
    • Kids thoroughly enjoyed the programe. The trainers were just great!! Final day competition was interesting. Keep up the good work.

      Stany Moneteiro
      Father of Arron and Ashley (11, 12 years)
    • This course is relevation. Thank you team irobokid for bringing this concept to India. Ruchak has absolutely loved the programe and does not want to miss this class for anything in the world. I see some of this open ended teaching inspiring him in schools to ask questions and think laterally.

      Girisha Vira
      Mother of Ruchak (age 14)
    • Excellent workshop. Mayan loved it and didn’t want it to end.

      Mother of Mayan
    • Looking forward to the next level!!!

      Ritu Wasan
      Mother of Prashant
    • Neev had blast. With every session he was more thrilled to know and learn. Thank a ton.

      Namrata Shah
      Mother of Neev (Age 12)
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