About Us

  • We are pleased to announce our inclusion in the Indicative List of Vendors for ATL Equipment

  • iRobokid is an organisation specialising in STEM education, aiming to provide the latest in STEM education. iRobokid team comprises of over 25 trained instructors & educators with a mix of experience of teaching and background education of engineering. iRobokid has education collaborations with partners in USA, Germany & China enabling to offer the latest in STEM education across the world. iRobokid currently offers 6 different programs for age group 6 – 14 years and plans to add 1 new program every year.

    Our objective is to enable Schools to introduce these programs to students in a fun and scientific manner. We follow a systematic sessions plan and have a well-integrated curriculum that not only encourages children to be more hands on – mind on, but also promotes practical learning of STEM (Science / Technology / Engineering & Maths) via Robotics.

    We align our programs to seamlessly merge with school education and enhance the learning process for the students. With clear focus, we are able to provide specialisation in our field and make the offering cost efficient for schools and students.

  • Points For Your Consideration:

    Below are some numbers and points for your consideration:   

    • We are headquartered in Mumbai
    • 15000 + students have taken part in our programs in the last  few years
    • 2000 + students are currently enrolled is our various programs in the current year
    • 30 Technically qualified instructors & staff
    • 75 + schools / centers are running iRobokid programs across the city
    • 6 teams were mentored by us this year to participate in the World Robotics Olympiad
    • 12: 1 Student teacher Ratio
    • 3 International Education Partners from USA, Germany and China provide current updates on latest  STEM developments across the world.
  • STEM Activities:

    We offer following choices of STEM activities:

    • Co-curricular program for all students integrated with the school timetable
    • Co-curricular option for students in Activity period / Clubs within school timetable
    • After-School extra-curricular program
    • Summer Camp during vacations
  • Founders

    • Vishal Shah

      BS in Material Science(USA) & is a serial entrepreneur who has interests in Cutting Edge Tools, Knowledge Outsourcing & a Sports venture.

    • Jinesh Shah

      MBA from NMIMS & has worked in the Content / Creative / Marketing & Distribution channels in the television sector.

    • Suhas Acharya

      Engineer & successfully runs UNIK Engineering , a firm dedicated to provide quality engineering services for electrical systems.

    • Kaushal Chedda

      MBA from Southern New Hamshire University (USA) & runs a firm which deals in the international trade of agri – commodities.

  • How to enroll your child to iRobokid?