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iRobokid is an organisation specialising in STEM education, aiming to provide the latest in STEM education. iRobokid team comprises of over 25 trained instructors & educators with a mix of experience of teaching and background education of engineering.

iRobokid has education collaborations with partners in USA, Germany & China enabling to offer the latest in STEM education across the world. iRobokid currently offers 6 different programs for age group 6 – 14 years and plans to add 1 new program every year.

What is STEM education?

STEM is curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – in an itegrated, interdisciplinary approach to learning that provides hands-on and relevant learning experiences for students.

This is a paradigm shift from the earlier theory based education which our system provides and our students are used to.

Getting an early exposure to emerging technologies & pedagogy like Coding, Electronics, Robotics, Ardunio, Python, AI etc have proven to enhance the understanding of STEM and also deepen the interest and awareness towards a more skill based education.

Desh Badal Raha Hai

Evolution of Education

21st Century

STEM Skills

Now is the Era of STEM and Coding Skills

20th Century

Computer SKILLS

Computer skills become mandatory with advent of Computer

19th Century

Industrial Skills

Edu System Evolved to incorporate demands of Industrial Revolution

Middle Ages

Philosophy Based

Education Focused on Philosophy and Moral Living

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( School Stem & Coding Lab Solutions )

FLITE is a platform / software as a service for schools. FLITE or (Future Learning in Technology Education) gives a one stop solution & plug and play model for any school to adapt to teach programs like Coding / App Building / HTML / Robotics etc to their students.

Online Courses 82%
Creative Workshops 55%
School Support 73%




Electrics & Electronics


"My child has great experience, had lots of fun while doing project. Thanks for teaching something new & unique"

Parent Yuvraj Singh Dr. S Radhakrushna Vidyalay

"It is very good kids are taking interest in it. & I am also happy kids are doing something different."

Parent of Jeremiah Prabhaharan Aquinas International School

"Thank you for Coaching Wonderful interest among the boys during course"

Parent of Tanish & Tavish Pareira Pinnacle High International School

"Very happy with the progress of Myra. Her curiosity has enhanced and her learning can be seen."

Parent of Myra Agnani Mount Litera International School

"We are interested in continuing robotics for a yearly course. So kindly let us know how to go ahead."

Parent of Veer Agrawal CNMS

"Teachers & Team is Very good My daughter Prisha always happy to come for class."

Parent of Prisha Kothari BSS Mahim

"My son really enjoyed the camp and the way you teach is outstanding. Please keep up the good work."

Parent of Vivaan Madhani Borivali

"Excellent, The child learnt a lot in an enjoyable way. Please come up with more online courses."

Parent of Shaurya Mangal Malad

"It was an excellent training. I would like to thanks Instructor for his efforts and training skills."

Parent of Aditya Mandgavkar Goregaon

"You have done an excellent training amidst pandemic and made child exposed to some practical thinking."

Parent of Ayaan Mohamed Trivandrum

"My daughter enjoyed the session a lot & was really amused that she could create something wonderful."

Parent of Kiah Mewada Mumbai

"My son really enjoyed this course and is looking forward to do more workshops like this."

Parent of Shubh Gupta Goregaon

"Shivani looked forward to each class with enthusiasm. The teachers are very good. Well done Instructors."

Parent of Shivani SIngh Marol

"The entire experience was very positive. The interactivity and guidance was extremely good."

Parent of Aadit Joshi Thane

"It was awesome such tough Adurino teaching circuit online was made so simple. Thank you so much."

Parent of Palaash Dharia Khetvadi

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