"My child has great experience, had lots of fun while doing project. Thanks for teaching something new & unique"
Parent of Yuvraj Singh
Dr. S Radhakrushna Vidyalay
"We were happy to see our child creating circuits with confidence. Very well understood the basic concept of electrics."
Parent of Anushree Suvarna
Lokhandwala Foundation School
"It is very good kids are taking interest in it. & I am also happy kids are doing something different."
Parent of Jeremiah Prabhaharan
Aquinas International School
"Very happy with the progress of Myra. Her curiosity has enhanced and her learning can be seen."
Parent of Myra Agnani
Mount Litera International School
"Including STEM education in regular curriculum & making it more affordable so that kids can enhance their skillsets."
Parent of Reyansh Jain
"We are interested in continuing robotics for a yearly course. So kindly let us know how to go ahead."
Parent of Veer Agrawal
"Year long program will help in continuity and also enhance kids learning and curiosity."
Parent of Adhrit Shah
"This summer camp should be for more days as this is a new thing for kids they enjoy this more and the curiosity to learn increases."
Parent of Yug Parmar
"Would like to have a class during regular school ."
Parent of Ayush Jagtiani
"We would want that the course can be introduced in schools for a year long course so that children stay connected with the course."
Parent of Reyansh Maheshwari
"Have such progarms all year round. Very informative and has practical and vocational application and excellent for the future."
"This course is very good & children had learnt a lot from the program."
Parent of Atharv Dindodi
"Teachers & Team is Very good My daughter Prisha always happy to come for class."
Parent of Prisha Kothari
BSS Mahim
"Thanks. The child is enthuse about the robotics, she had fun learning."
Parent of Raavi katgaonkar
BSS Mahim
"Very well arranged and conducted course, the teacher was also very friendly. Loved the entire summer camp course. Thank you."
Parent of Arin Garde
"The experience was too good. Above our expectations. My child was always way too excited to be there for class. The idea of sending the kit home and then teaching was brilliant."
Parent of Ahaan Agarwal
"Excellent, The child learnt a lot in an enjoyable way. Please come up with more online courses."
Parent of Shaurya Mangal
"Anaiah enjoyed the summer camp, she was always excited to join and share the practical output with her younger brother after the class."
Parent of Anaiah Dcunha
"Really good initiative. Keep up the good work !"
Parent of Diya Santosh
"My daughter enjoyed the session a lot & was really amused that she could create something wonderful."
Parent of Kiah Mewada
"My son really enjoyed this course and is looking forward to do more workshops like this."
Parent of Shubh Gupta
"Shivani looked forward to each class with enthusiasm. The teachers are very good. Well done Instructors."
Parent of Shivani SIngh
"Instructor was superb. He was very patient in explaining the concepts to all."
Parent of Shreehan Waradkar
"Thank you so much . My son has understood the coding & he is all excited to make a game on hos own !! Instructor was so patiently teaching them all the aspects. She was so polite & humble .. The way she was attending to all the children and clearing their doubts were commendable. Thank you once again !!"
Parent of Avneesh Bharadwaj
"Thank you for Coaching Wonderful interest among the boys during course"
Parent of Tanish & Tavish Pareira
Pinnacle High International School
"Its very good that we get such faculty in school & helping our learners to learn & experience new techniques, We are happy with team & would like to learn more in future."
Parent of Dhyan Zaveri
D.G. Khetan International School
"Very interesting and good exposure to kids. Kids were always interested and eager to attend the class."
Parent of Dhruvita & Dhruvangi Bhansali
Oberoi International School
"An excellent way to create stem awareness in children."
Parent of Anugrah Abraham
Stanislaus High School
"Very well organized program. Students learned lot of new concepts looking forward for more such sessions. If at all the price is little less I am sure more parents will get involved. Request you to take classes during the year in school."
Parent of Rivaan Shah
"Please include these courses in school syllabus for after school activities."
Parent of Ruchir Shandilya
"Introduce more such programs (Yearly programs)."
Parent of Vihaan Shroff
"This should be included in the regular curriculum of academic year and not just summer camp. My daughter attended the course last year too she really likes this course. Thank you."
Parent of Reayana Daruwalla
"Good program. Keep it up. Good to have it in school curriculum."
Parent of Heer Shah
"The school must include this course in their curriculum & also teach more on the same with more resources & other languages which include in websites."
Parent of Saee Phadke
"Fun filled session and well-explained."
"We should conduct such program for students in a learning centric format."
"Raghav enjoyed all the sessions.The concepts were simplified and explained well. Instructor was always approachable & Raghav connected with her very well, thank you to the Team."
Parent of Raghav Palekar
"It was nice experience. We are looking for next advanced programs."
Parent of Samarth Bhilare
BSS Mahim
"Really very good experienced with all of you Nice Team Work."
Parent of Dhruv Shah
Amulakh Amichand International School
"Course was very well structured. Instructor was friendly and encouraged kids to ask questions."
Parent of Kushin Shreyas
"Very good. Myra is enthused about a lot of these projects. She really enjoyed the RGB LED and also the automatic street light. She also liked the water level indicator and dancing lights. She was excited to show her projects to her grandparents in the house, record videos and send them to her friends."
Parent of Myra Vora
"You have done an excellent training amidst pandemic and made child exposed to some practical thinking."
Parent of Ayaan Mohamed
"Excellent course! Look forward to more such interesting courses for kids! Especially with combination of hands-on electronic circuits along with coding. Thank you!"
Parent of Daivik Bapat
"The course was a very good introduction to IoT and has generated interest in my child to learn more."
Parent of Ethan Naik
"The entire experience was very positive. The interactivity and guidance was extremely good."
Parent of Aadit Joshi
"It was awesome such tough Adurino teaching circuit online was made so simple. Thank you so much."
Parent of Palaash Dharia
"Thank you for the session with valuable takeaway which i am sure will help him to decide the next steps in STEM."
Parent of Sanjeev Acharya
"It is great fun and learning something out of box. In such pandemic situation I know it is very difficult to connects all dots, but you guys did really well. Also share other such course where kid will be busy and have fun and learning. We also feel he learn something out of box and implementing his school concept in practical way."
Parent of Atharva More
Panvel Raigadh
Such programs are always beneficial to inculcate scientific knowledge in the kids chasing the earlier year so that they can become genius in the future."
Parent of Avirath Rao
Lokhandwala Foundation School
"Kinpant really enjoyed this experience. He has learned so much and has been showing interest in various things at home."
Parent of Kinpant Singh
Oberoi International School
"My son thoroughly enjoyed the course. Very informative and fun ."
Parent of Raghuram Shankar
Oberoi International School
"School can have such programs added in academics but take away kit should be given must find some cheaper version."
Parent of Dhriti Parmar
"Would like our kid to enroll for year long program depending on school curriculum and space time available for kid, not to mention affordability."
Parent of Shlok Rambhia
"Regular in curriculum once a week during school hours from base."
Parent of Naisha Shah
"Good experience kids enjoyed would like school to consider it during regular course/ curriculum. Thank you."
Parent of Sukrit Kalawatia
"Teachers were excellent at concept teaching. Session hours should have been more. School should start this in daily school days like other sports/ music classes."
Parent of Rishabh Lala
"Requesting school to have year long program for advance course for HTML & CSS."
Parent of Viaan Trivedi
"Costing should be less and school should introduce in regular school academics as that it can be learnt as a subject and can be developed as a skill."
Parent of Aarav Sawant
"Wonderful experience and hands on learning experience."
"Robotics is very fun& I love the Lego building & models are fun to use."
Parent of Rutvik Rungta
"Wonderful Experience My child has developed interest& came out with great ideas. Looking forward for more!."
Parent of Shaurya
Amulakh Amichand International School
"It has been great to see Sydney engaged and curious about Mechanics. Definitely worth purchasing further."
Parent of Sydney Ahuja
Oberoi International School
"Team was Excellent course wise."
Parent of Rajvi Tank
"My son really enjoyed the camp and the way you teach is outstanding. Please keep up the good work."
Parent of Vivaan Madhani
"This experience was fun for Kairav and he would like to delve more into the world of Robotics and understanding circuits on a regular basis."
Parent of Kairav Chaturvedi
"It was an excellent training. I would like to thanks Instructor for his efforts and training skills."
Parent of Aditya Mandgavkar
"Hridani was self motivated to sit for the class. She enjoyed and learnt new concepts. Instructor executed it very well."
Parent of Hridani Gupta
"Excellent teacher........very well taught, overall amazing experience :)"
Parent of Anisha NN
"My child was very happy and excited to learn. The teachers are very patient and taught the kids very nicely."
Parent of Shivangi Singh
"Very impressed with the camp - the content, the pace, the concept, everything!!"
Parent of Shangun Gupta
"This course was very good. My kid enjoyed the way the teacher explained everything. During this lockdown period my kid cannot go outside and do productive things but he really enjoyed this course."
Parent of Aprameya Das
"The session was interactive and interesting. Good job done by teachers."
Parent of Naghul Anand
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